Five Ways to Boost Fundraiser Participation


1. Tell everyone about the Fundraiser

The school can benefit by sending home information in the mail or with students elaborating on the cause and reason for having the school fundraiser. It helps if parents and other possible customers are given a cause that they are supportive of, they are more likely to be active participants in the fundraiser. If the fundraiser is for funds that will be used for various causes or general purposes, explain to parents why the funds are important and inform them on what their participation will help with and why it is important.

2.    Keep Parents Informed

In order to garner as much support as possible, don’t leave parents uniformed or frustrated with regards to dates of the start and end of the fundraiser. Give them a few reminders during the school fundraiser as well so they don’t forget about it. In addition to telling students, tell the parents so they can help their students stay on track and assist with the fundraiser. Also, let parents know how many fundraisers there will be total for the year so they can plan and budget accordingly. They will appreciate knowing the plan in advance and will be more likely to make purchases if they know when to expect specific fundraisers.

3.  Encourage the Students Regularly

Making regular announcements, and try to keep students excited and motivated by doing things like decorating around the school and hallways. Track progress with the students to remind them of the goal and get them anxious to participate and help. Having a kick-off assembly works really well, but you want to try and maintain some of that energy throughout the duration of the sale.

4. Reward high-achievers

In addition to the prizes that many fundraisers contribute, have the school use another prize as well to pull groups of students together. Have a prize for the class or club that brings in the most sales, such as an extra field trip or special lunch. Motivating a whole class in addition to rewarding students’ individual efforts helps with fundraising success.

5.  Make sure the information is clear

Parents continuously have to juggle various projects and events with their children. Make sure to keep the fundraiser as simple as possible on their end. Less paperwork and clarity will ensure that the fundraiser info doesn’t get lost in the shuffle or cast aside because it is too confusing or burdensome.

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