School Fundraiser Tips: Hints to Tell Your Students

School Fundraiser Tips

1.  Prepare in Advance!

Preparing ahead of time will ensure that each possible buyer has all their questions answered. You want the students to look at the fundraiser catalog ahead of time to get familiar with the products so they aren’t caught off guard and can show their potential buyers what they have to offer. Other things students should know:

–        Important dates, including when the funds are due and when the products will be delivered.

–        What kinds of payments are accepted.

2.  Team Up!

Sometimes, a little healthy competition can go a long way! Encourage students to work together and challenge each other. They can help one another track results and coordinate their plans before trying to sell products in their fundraiser. They can also share ideas and get excited for the fundraiser sale. If students want to ask small businesses or persons outside their immediate friends and family to get involved in the fundraiser, working in a group can be safer and more effective.

3.  Get Excited!

A start-up assembly, along with promotions that happen at school, are a great start to getting students hyped up for the big sale. Encourage them to get in on the action and talk with them about incentives and prizes, along with the benefit of being part of a fundraiser and how it will help their school and community. Active involvement by the students is important when trying to reach a fundraising goal, and the more excited the students are about the school fundraiser, the more they will be able to share their enthusiasm.

4.  Explain the Cause!

Many potential customers will be more willing to participate and help out with the fundraiser when they know their purchase will be for a great cause. Whether it be a team sport fundraiser or field trip fundraiser, sharing the benefits and potential end result of the school fundraiser will help encourage potential prospects to get involved and help the cause. If the products are special in some way, for example they are made from recycled material and are eco-friendly products, tell buyers so they are aware.

5.  Write Thank You Notes!

Suggest that your children/students write a short, simple “thank you” note to those who bought and helped contribute to the school fundraiser to show their appreciation and remind them how much their help means. It lets those who have helped feel that they were an important part of the experience.

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