Smart Fundraising in a Recession: Go Reusable Bags

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While you might have a great school fundraiser planned, it might be harder to raise the funds you need because of the state of the economy. People are strapped for cash and budgeting carefully, so you need to use every opportunity to maximize income for your organization. Even though it may be a financially difficult time for many, you can be successful with the right approach.

Effective marketing and communication are critical to have a successful fundraiser. Your confidence in the causes driving the fundraiser needs to be reinforced as much as possible; be certain parents understand the urgency for raising the money and focus on the positive changes that will take place if the fundraising goal is met. Keep parents informed and make sure that when they do help or volunteer their time and resources, they feel appreciated.

Many school fundraisers spend money so they are able to offer prizes to winners. To offset the cost of the fundraiser and make things easier, schools can come up with prizes like homework passes that don’t cost anything.

Another way to ensure success is to choose a fundraiser that has some secondary benefit, such as an eco-friendly fundraiser that people will feel good about. If buyers feel they are making a positive change by purchasing the fundraising products, they are more likely to contribute and participate and feel good about doing so.

Achieving your sales goals for a fundraiser is do-able, but it’s still a good idea to talk to students and explain that getting turned down by a potential customer is not a reflection on their efforts; people are simply unable to contribute financially sometimes. Preparing students for this ensures that they don’t get discouraged and they keep a positive attitude, which is critical for keeping them on track and motivated to reach their goals despite difficulties they may encounter.

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