Farm-to-Table at its Best: Tokyo’s Amazing “Edible Office”

Tokyo’s “Edible Office”, courtesy of

Here at Mixed Bag Designs, we love going green and love when others do their part to make the world a greener place. We wanted to see what the Environmental Media Association was up to and found their story on “The Incredible Edible Office”, which describes how one business office is doing their part to practice a healthy, sustainable farm-to-table work environment in Tokyo.

The nine-story Pasona office building in the heart of Tokyo features open spaces, lots of natural sunlight, and an abundance of edible pant life everywhere throughout the building. Tomato vines can be found in multiple locations, along with fruit trees, sprouting plants and vegetables, and even rice. 43,000 feet is dedicated to plant life. Everything grown is harvested and served in the building’s cafeterias. The building also features a climate control and monitoring system to keep temperatures and humidity in a range that suits the people employed along with the plants.

Along with the obvious benefits, it has been shown that the air in the building in cleaner and higher quality. It is believed that it has directly impacted productivity at work and employee satisfaction and reduced absenteeism. The employees of Pasona help maintain and harvest the crops alongside agricultural specialists, which encourages social interaction and promotes teamwork among staff. With an ever increasing focus on the importance of local farming practices and its positive impact on the environment, farm-to-table practices like these are bound to increase in popularity. In this instance, wellness in the workplace has increased dramatically thanks to the innovative “edible office”.

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