5 Tips for Going Green that Save Money

Go Green and Save Money - Mixed Bag Designs

Save the Environment AND Your Wallet!!!!

1. Eat at home more often

The average American household spends thousands of dollars each year dining out. Much of that money can be saved by committing to cook at home more often and practice bringing your own lunch to work. Cut back on fast food by keeping snacks handy and planning to eat at home instead. If you’re able, buy organic and unprocessed foods and shop at farmer’s markets to support the local economy and help the environment. Eating at home gives you the advantage of being able to choose products that are green and healthier, and contain fewer artificial ingredients and preservatives.

2. Recycle and Reuse

Resources are limited, and we can protect them and use them best by reusing and recycling items. If you can recycle something or give it away instead of throwing it out, do so; post your usable but unwanted goods online or give them to a local charity. Instead of throwing away old towels and sheets, you could bring them to an animal shelter. Reusable bags are a simple and green alternative to paper and plastic bags.

3. Perform a home energy audit.

Many homes, especially those that are older, can benefit from simple improvements. Heating and cooling costs can often be reduced by caulking and sealing windows and ducts in the home. Also, using a thermostat that can be programmed can save on heating when you aren’t home. Insulation can be costly but can save up to 30% on heating and cooling bills once completed. If you are unsure whether your home is energy-efficient, you can have a contractor perform a home energy audit.

4. Make your own cleaning products

Consumers spend a lot on cleaning products each year that could be replaced with simple ingredients; they are just as effective and prevent harmful or toxic chemicals from being inhaled and touched. Baking soda and vinegar are greener alternatives that are nontoxic and work well for cleaning.

Soft Scrubber:

-Mix ½ cup baking soda with your own liquid detergent to make a frosting-like texture.

Window Cleaner:

-1/2 to ¼  teaspoon liquid detergent

-3 tablespoons vinegar

-2 cups water

Furniture Polish

-1/2 teaspoon oil (olive oil or jojoba oil)

-1/4 cup vinegar or lemon juice

5. Switch to energy efficient lighting

If you use incandescent light bulbs, replacing them with LED or CFL bulbs, or halogen bulbs, can save energy and money. In addition, taking care to turn off light switches when they are not in use saves energy and money as well.

Also, don’t forget to bring your reusable bags with you when you’re shopping! Using Mixed Bag Designs’ reusable bags are a fun and fashion forward way to do your part and cut back on paper and plastic waste!

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