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Team fundraiser ideas- Mixed Bag Designs

We all know how much success product fundraisers can bring, especially eco-friendly, fashion-forward school fundraisers with Mixed Bag Designs. Sometimes, sports teams might also want to add an event fundraiser to their product fundraiser to help achieve their financial goals from season to season.

Here are some team fundraiser events that are relatively easy to put together; fundraisers that don’t require excessive planning and don’t cost too much to host are ideal for sport’s teams. Many teams need to raise money year after year, and many times students and parents won’t want to do the “same old” thing each new season. While it’s sometimes good to stick with what has worked in the past, you might want to consider some new event ideas to change up your next fundraiser.

Mini Golf Fundraiser

Hosting a game of miniature golf with a tournament can be a great fundraiser for youth sports groups. Seasonal factors must be taken into account, but for the most part, this activity can be planned anytime during the school year. Keep in mind that you will have to find somewhere to play the game in advance. You can find a facility and arrange to have exclusive use for the day or instill a per-game fee. Offer options like a family discount or student discount to increase turn out. Make ticket prices reasonable and think of creative variations and add-ons (like a small bake sale on the side or prize raffle) to maximize fundraising profits. Another idea to boost profit is to ask local community businesses to sponsor a hole for your event at a reasonable price and advertise for them, along with posting a sign thanking them for their contribution. Businesses might also be willing to offer prizes or coupons as incentives.

Hunger Games Inspired Fundraiser

Most students are familiar with The Hunger Games books and movies due to their massive popularity. For your fundraiser, come up with a series of events where you can choose a winner, like archery, a shooting range with Nerf guns, and obstacle courses. You can get creative and have a contest to eat strange foods or a movie trivia game. Depending on how large your event is, you can have multiple rounds/champions in the games and play them simultaneously or schedule them throughout the day. To make your event  successful, try to publicize it ahead of time. If you don’t have the funds to purchase prizes, ask local business to donate goods or coupons to your cause. As with other fundraisers, consider having additional events like a pig roast, face painting station, and live music. You can use The Hunger Games as your theme, and do things like wrapping prizes in small parachutes, similar to those used in the movie. You can even have a costume contest, having participants dress like members of the Capitol. With this creative fundraiser, you are only limited by your creativity!

Bowling Competition Fundraiser

A bowling event is a relatively simple and straightforward fundraiser to put together for a team. Renting a group of lanes isn’t too expensive, and if you want the event to be large enough, renting the entire venue might also be an option. To raise money, you might have your own entry fee for each group. Your price is up to you, and you can charge a fair amount if you are offering food and/or prizes during the event. You can make the event a “bowling marathon”, gathering as many participants as possible and collecting a donation from each player. To cover expenses, you might charge a small fee for spectators at the event as well. As always, publicity is important; invite everyone you think might be interested. You might try to get your event announced on a local radio station and post flyers around the community. Another way to increase the number of participants is to make a calling tree and ask parents of the team members to participate and help get the word out. Have prizes either purchased or donated and offer them to categories like highest and lowest score, best team score, fewest gutter balls, etc. If funds are tight, you can have funny/handmade trophies and prizes. You might want to create a theme for your bowling event like “Hollywood”, or pick a decade for the theme.

Bingo Fundraiser

Games of chance where prizes are offered are usually a big hit, and this event can work well for many school or church groups. It’s also easy to put together: you only need a large room with tables and chairs along with some volunteers and basic supplies like numbered bingo balls to shuffle, chips or markers, and paper “boards”. Spend time on publicity and getting the word out about your event to ensure it is as successful as possible. In order for this fundraiser to be a hit, you want a high turn out. In addition to sending out a newsletter and emails, send out a fundraiser press release regarding your event. For raising money, there are several options. You can have a per-game fee or charge a set amount for unlimited games. Then, winners can select from a variety of non-cash prizes. If you are going to have a lot of bingo games, you can offer tickets to winners who can then choose from different prize levels or enter a raffle for a few higher-value prizes. As with other fundraisers, you can have additional money-makers like a snack/ beverage service or even have dinner. If you are able to get prizes donated you can host a silent auction along with your bingo game.

Keep in mind that some states have a gambling division that requires groups to pay a fee and purchase a license before hosting a game.

Rubber Duck Race Fundraiser

For a simple, family-oriented fundraiser, you might consider a rubber duck race. You come up with a small fee and allow members of the community to adopt a duck in the race for a chance to win donated prizes. It is a fairly straightforward concept; instead of a traditional raffle,  a large number of numbered plastic ducks get dumped into a stream of water  upping the “fun” factor and excitement. If you want, you can offer additional prizes for silly categories like “last duck to finish”.

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