Green Fundraisers for PTOs

Staart a Green Fundraiser with Mixed Bag Designs

Many PTO groups are looking for great new fundraising  products to sell while also trying to make their schools more earth-friendly. Some have found a solution to both problems with green fundraisers offering products that reduce waste and encourage re-using materials instead of disposing of them. Mixed Bag Designs provides a green fundraiser approach with their reusable bags and bottles that are made with recycled materials.

Some schools want to address particular concerns; various parents now have concerns about BPA, a chemical used in some plastics that studies are linking to health problems. Luckily, school fundraiser companies like Mixed Bag Designs also seek to align with these goals. Their tumblers and collapsible bottles are lead, phthalate, and BPA free.

As far as promoting these fundraisers goes, being green is often enough! There are additional ways to promote your fundraiser and use visuals. One way to promote the purchase of re-usable bags is to have a “bag monster” made from plastic bags make an appearance at your kick-off assembly, or have a teacher or principal promise to do something silly like dye their hair green if the school reaches its fundraising goal.

Letting customers see the fundraising product is always important, especially if you’re starting a new, innovative/eco-friendly fundraiser. A tip from national sales manager for school fundraisers at Mixed Bag Designs is to hang the bags (before and during the sale) from a clothesline along with posters and signs about the fundraiser close to where students get dropped off, or to use flattened bags as place mats during teacher or volunteer appreciation events.

It may seem obvious that getting kids involved is important, but don’t forget how much of an impact they can have. They’re often more willing than adults to change behaviors, and using their enthusiasm for a green change can only help the sale. One way to promote reusable lunch bags might be to have students gather and measure waste after lunch for a day or week to drive home the point. Kids love to participate in projects like this and it’s a fun way to boost participation for your fundraiser.

The bottom line is that fundraisers that accomplish something like helping the environment are at an advantage because they are providing more than one benefit; they are raising funds for school and student needs while promoting positive change in the community. Emphasize that the products create solutions to existing problems. If you can provide awesome green products that families are already looking for, you will have an easy time promoting your fundraiser!

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