California Bag Ban in effect this Earth Day

Go Green with Reusable Bags
One way San Mateo County, CA – where Mixed Bag Designs is headquartered – will be celebrating Earth Day is by implementing a plastic bag ban in all markets and grocery stores. The San Mateo County Reusable Bag Ordinance will require that retailers stop providing plastic bags, promoting a healthier community for citizens by decreasing the use of throw-away plastic bags.

The negative impact from use of plastic throw-away bags is now well documented, as the bags break down into particles that contaminate soil and water when thrown away. “I think everyone can agree that the long-term benefit of a cleaner, safer and frankly existent environment where future families and children can enjoy the natural beauty of San Mateo County, is a more than reasonable tradeoff”, says Dean Peterson, County Health System Director of Environmental Health, about the plastic bag ban. The ban will apply to all County retail outlets, including grocery and convenience stores. If retail customers do not bring a reusable bag, the retailer will charge 10 cents for paper bags. After Jan 1, 2015, there may be a 15-cent charge.

We encourage everyone to carry reusable bags to help the environment (even paper bags are not a good substitute for plastic) and save resources. Reusable shopping bags available at Mixed Bag Designs are made from woven polypropylene, 10-40% of which is recycled from post consumer use. Although they are designed to last, they too can be recycled wherever plastic #5 recycling is accepted.  Don’t get hit with 10-cent per bag fees, convert to reusable bags and say goodbye to plastic bags forever!

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