Top 5 Mother’s Day DIY Gifts Ideas

Top 5 DIY Mother's Day Gifts 2013 - Mixed Bag Designs

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to involve buying expensive gifts; Moms love gifts made by their children and cherish them! Any of these craft projects can be hand-delivered by Mom’s little ones in a decorative reusable bag from Mixed Bag Designs. We have lots of Spring prints perfect for Mom, and it’s a gift she can use again and again! For those looking for some simple, thoughtful gifts that can be made at home, check out these top 5 DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas

1 Baked Goods

Show mom how special she is by baking up some sweet treats for her to enjoy on the holiday. Maybe mom has her own favorite recipes you could use; otherwise, make a dessert like brownies, cookies, or a cake for a simple yet nostalgic gift. If you’re looking for something healthy, try this recipe for Ginger-Pecan muffins with quinoa for a healthy alternative to ordinary muffins!

2 Breakfast in bed

Keep a tradition going by bringing a mom breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day, or take her out for brunch if you are older! Just remember, if you’re bringing breakfast in bed, clean up afterwards so mom can really enjoy the experience.

3 Homemade soap

Soap is easy to make and is a great gift. Buy glycerin from a local craft store and add ingredients like oatmeal and honey for scent and their skin softening properties. Kids can also make sugar scrubs, bath soaks, and face masks with some simple ingredients.

For homemade lemon lavender oatmeal soaps, visit this page for all the instructions to make the soap right at home!

4 Decorated candles

You can start with plain pillar candles and let the kids decorate them with fun embellishments like fancy paper or glitter. You might end up with candles that are too pretty to burn!

Check out this site for lots of ways to decorate candles for Mother’s Day!

5 Homemade trail mix

Mix granola, dried fruits, and Mom’s favorite nuts to make homemade trail mix she can bring with her for a quick, thoughtful snack. Personalize it with her favorites.

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