Teacher Appreciation Week Starts Today

Teacher Appreciation Mixed Bag Designs

As a school fundraising company, Mixed Bag Designs knows how important teachers and educators are to the well-being of our kids and community. We can’t thank school teachers enough for all they do, but we can certainly try, and we want to use Teacher Appreciation Week to show our gratitude for the extra time, love, and effort they put into teaching and guiding students on their learning journey. Whether it be with a small gift or just a thank you note, take time to reach out to the teachers by helping your child express how thankful he or she is! Here are some tips for coming up with a gift for Teacher Appreciation week that will show your gratitude. Or, check out our cute reusable bags and lunch totes: they make a great eco-friendly gift for that special teacher.

1. Start Simple

 A short, handwritten note does not cost anything but will mean a lot to any teacher, and many teachers prefer a heartfelt note over a fancy gift. Make it meaningful by mentioning how the teacher has helped and made a difference in your child’s education, even if it is something as small as sparking your child’s interest in a particular subject or topic. Add a photo of your child or a drawing to make it even more memorable.

2. Involve your Kids

Teachers love hearing directly from their students. Most teachers have a hidden stash of personal notes or pictures they have received from their students over their teaching careers. If your kids are having a hard time coming up with what to include in their notes, give them some sentence-starters like “You’re super special because……”, “I love the way you….”, and “Since you’ve been my teacher, I have learned….”

3. Involve the Classroom

Turn Teacher Appreciation Week into a class project! Make a poster that each student can sign and write a note on, or have them each bring in one flower with a note attached that the teacher can collect and put in a vase. Include the parents, and have them sign up for small tasks like bringing in the teacher’s favorite coffee, or offering to supervise during lunch or recess.

4. Include Everyone

Have classrooms “adopt” those teachers who don’t have specific classes of their own or those in administrative roles. Choose a class to be “in charge” of recognizing/gifting that teacher so he/she doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of Teacher Appreciation Week. Art and physical education teachers, for example, don’t have dedicated classes but deserve to be recognized. After all, they teach all the students!

5. Use Your Resources

Involve and work with the PTO/PTA and arrange to have small gifts for all the teachers and staff with a short quote related to the gift. Some examples:

-Seed Packets- Thanks for helping our kids blossom.

-Coffee gift card- Thanks a ‘latte’ for everything you do.

-Markers- You are re-mark-able teacher.

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