Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning – Mixed Bag Style

Eco-Friendly Cleaning - Mixed Bag Designs

It’s that time of year where we want to open the windows and let in the fresh air! Get rid of last year’s dust and start this Spring squeaky-clean with some spring cleaning tips from Mixed Bag Designs. Our reusable bags are great for toting around your cleaning supplies from room to room, and our organizing bins are the perfect addition to a freshly cleaned room. Get your stuff organized this Spring with our fashionable storage solutions. Read on to find top eco-friendly cleaning tips room by room!


Clean the refrigerator: Turn off the power at the circuit breaker or unplug it if it’s within reach. Clean the coils, which are usually at the bottom of the refrigerator. A vacuum attachment can help with the spots underneath that are tough to reach and need dusted off. To clean the interior of the refrigerator and freezer, empty it completely and store contents in a cooler. Our insulated coolers would work perfectly. The interior can be cleaned with 2 tablespoons baking soda and 1 quart of hot water.

To clean various cooking appliances, take the grates off the stove (if you have them) and wash them with steel wool pads for grease removal. To clean the microwave, put a microwave-safe bowl with water and some lemon juice inside the microwave and heat it for about 2 minutes; the steam loosens stuck on particles, and the acidity from the lemon helps lift off grease.

To wash counters and cabinets, use a solution of warm water and basic dish-washing liquid. You might want to empty the drawers you use most often and wipe down the insides of them as well.


Vacuum wall corners and ceiling corners and around ceiling fans where dust tends to collect. Wipe off switch plates and outside edges of doors, where people tend to grab the most.

When washing linens, like sheets, pillowcases, quilts, mattress pads, dust ruffles, etc., wash them in order according to what will go back on the bed first. That way, you can put them back as others are drying without them becoming too wrinkled. For window treatments, vacuum them with an attachment if possible. For lighter drapes, just throw them in the dryer for a while to remove dust and freshen them up.


An all-purpose cleaner is fine for bathroom walls, even if they’re painted. If the smell is too strong, it can be diluted. A vinegar/water solution works wonders as a general cleaner. Take care to wipe walls where hair products and makeup might have built up over the year.

Throw-rugs can go in the washing machine while you clean the floors. If the floor is especially dirty, you can use a strong cleaning agent that you would normally use on shower walls and tubs; let it soak while you tend to other tasks, then come back with a water-soaked mop to clean up.

When washing mirrors and the inside of windows, use microfiber towels that won’t leave lint behind.

Living Room/Dining Room

Dust off bookcases and shelves; many recommend an extendable duster with a microfiber head to avoid the need to drag out a ladder.

Don’t forget your couch; many stores, like Lowe’s and Home Depot, rent upholstery-cleaning machines to clean your sofa and chairs.

Did you know dirt light bulbs emit up to 20% less light? Wipe them down with a damp microfiber cloth.

Don’t forget to dust off electronics, which seem to be dust magnets at times…For tough-to-reach places, you can get a can of compressed air. Otherwise, wipe surfaces with microfiber or electrostatic clothes. Don’t forget underneath the speakers and stereos.

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