Great Ideas for a Reusable Bag Fundraiser at School

Go Green School Fundraiser Lesson PlansWe believe that school fundraisers that use our reusable bags will have great success due to the winning combo of our best-selling products and our dedicated sales team who works with each fundraiser chair to make the most of their fundraiser. There are helpful resources fundraiser chairs can use to help boost those sales.

One of the most successful strategies has been incorporating the fundraiser into a school-wide lesson plan about instituting healthy habits and new attitudes about going green. Kick off the school year with a new going green initiative and use our reusable bag fundraiser as your first fundraiser of the year. Not only will you be able to raise extra funds, you’ll also make a positive change at your school! Here are a couple easy-to-use lessons to kick-start a going green campaign at your school:

Litter-less lunch: Start a litterless lunch campaign to reduce the amount of waste produced at your school. Kids can start keeping track of how much they waste is produced during their daily lunch and then make a concentrated effort to reduce that number each day. Our lunch bags, bottles and snack foodies are great products to promote during your fundraiser that will help support the litter-less lunch program.

Walk it off: Get the school around decreasing the community’s gas emissions and implementing healthy habits by walking to school whenever possible. Walking just five miles a week saves over 300 lbs of carbon emissions, plus it’s a great way to get kids moving. For extra fundraising, you can even sponsor a weekend walk-a-thon with families to inaugurate the pro-walking movement.

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