Successful School Fundraiser Tips

School Fundraising Tips - Expert AdviceUse these tips from fundraising experts to ensure that you not only have a successful school fundraiser but that you have fun and get the most out of your experience. It’s easy using to put the “fun” back into fundraising, just follow some of these proven strategies!

1. Use traditional sales techniques – Have students and those involved with presenting your fundraising project come up with a good introduction about the cause and the benefit of the products instead of immediately asking someone to buy something. Students should remember to introduce themselves and their group and emphasize the goal of the fundraiser. Appearing professional and extending a small “thank you” goes a long way when fundraising.

2. Play up the incentives and prizes – Incentive prizes help motivate students and keep them focused on their goals. Make sure your students are motivated by the “right” prizes. In addition to any incentive prizes provided by the fundraising company, motivate students by awarding them with a pizza party or homework passes if they reach a goal or sell the most. Get input from the students on what prizes they would like to see and don’t worry, sometimes the best prizes are free!

3. Emphasize team work – Having a top classroom or top team prize motivates students to work with each other and get them collaborating and working together. A “top prize” among teams of students supports a balance between healthy competition and teamwork.

4. Reward a goal reached early on – Offer prizes to the first several students who reach a specific objective by a specific deadline. Have a small incentive prize for them; reaching a goal early means there is more time to sell even more over the course of the fundraiser.

5. Specify Goals and Deadlines – One of the keys to a successful fundraiser is implementing specific goals with firm deadlines. Break up the fundraiser into a series of smaller goals and figure out needs early. You want to set dates for closure of the fundraiser, and having a shorter fundraiser might be a better option so students and parents don’t burn out and fatigued over the project.

6. Limit the number of fundraisers – Sometimes, less is more. This can be especially true in the world of fundraising. Instead of having more fundraisers that are half-hearted, choose a few and do them as well as possible. You want to avoid saturating the community with ongoing fundraising, as it will hurt efforts in the long run if people grow weary of yet another fundraiser.

7. Provide great products – The product your group chooses to sell reflects your group, so you want to choose a quality product fundraiser to leave customers with a positive experience. They will be much more willing to work with you down the road if they are happy with their purchases. Choose a reusable bag fundraiser like Mixed Bag Designs for an added benefit to customers.

8. Fund raise at school events – School games and tournaments a high-traffic areas that can be used to your advantage. Higher traffic means more possible customers, and many of those present will be already somehow affiliate to the school and maybe already aware of your fundraiser.

9. Use fundraisers that don’t require money upfront – A catalog fundraiser is a simple way to raise funds without putting any money up front. Using an “order-taking” fundraiser costs nothing to start up. Money gets collected up-front and then the order is placed with the fundraising company. You risk less this way and have more control over the orders.

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