Schools – Top Tips for Healthier Students

Top Tips for Healthy StudentsMixed Bag Designs offers eco-friendly products and reusable bags so that we all can do our part to make the world a little cleaner and brighter, and we think we all owe it to our kids to offer them every opportunity for a healthy lifestyle. School administrators and teachers can do their part by creating a school environment that makes physical activity and outdoor fun a part of everyday education.

Here are some tips to make the school and classroom a little more green and get your students outside!

1. Get more kids walking and biking to school.

– Look into safety and access of community features like sidewalks, bike lanes, and areas to store bikes.

– Establish “walking buses” and “bicycle trains” where parents take turns walking or biking with groups of students to school.

2. Implement Outdoor Classrooms.

– Determine which teachers, if any, hold classes outside, and see what can be done to increase that number. Have teachers share tips and advice on having outdoor classrooms.

– See what can be done to improve school grounds to make spaces for teachers to conduct outdoor classrooms.

3. Start a campaign to get students outside for an hour each day.

-Have students make and post stickers, posters, and signs as reminder for everyone to spend time outdoors.

-Send information home with students about the importance of physical activity and getting outside. Consider having a workshop or having guest speakers to come in and share their knowledge on the importance of time outdoors.

-Use times outdoors as a reward when students accomplish goals or perform well on tests to motivate them and get them excited about getting out of the classroom.

4. Make recess a part of everyone’s day.

-Utilize resources like Playwork’s information on the importance of having recess.

Playwork’s Marke Recess Count

-Talk with school administration and find a way to either have recess outside or bring physical activity into the school on days when outside recess is not possible.

5. Add a school garden.

-Get students involved in planning and upkeep of a vegetable or flower garden.

-Use the garden as an opportunity for hands-on learning about science

-Encourage students to keep a nature diary or journal

6. Hold a fundraiser to purchase outdoor equipment.

-Have a product fundraiser, like an eco-friendly Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser, to raise funds for playground equipment or other outdoor equipment such as gardening equipment and binoculars.

-Use funds earned for an outdoor field trip

7. Have more Field Trips.

-Field trips don’t have to be expensive. Go to areas like parks and community trails and river fronts to get kids moving and exploring outdoors.

-Even if a scheduled field trip is going to take place indoors, plan on walking to a different location or somewhere outside for lunch.

8. Have teachers assign outdoor homework in their classes.

-Regardless of the subject, any teacher can come up with a homework assignment with outdoors as the inspiration. Collect weather data for math, write a poem about something outside, and test hypotheses about nature.

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