Top 5 Tips for Healthy Lunch

Healthy Lunch Tips - Eco-Friendly Lunch

Most of us have heard that packing a lunch instead of eating out is a great way to go green. However, if we aren’t careful, packed lunches can be a big source of paper and plastic waste. All of that packaging ends up in landfills and then we’re back where we started. How do you pack an eco-friendly lunch, you might wonder? We can’t be perfect all the time, but incorporating a few of these small changes adds up fast and will have a lasting positive impact on the environment. Here are our favorite top 5 times for healthy lunches and going green!1. Use a reusable lunch bag – Instead of using brown bags that end up in the trash, invest in a reusable lunch bag. Avoid bags that might be made with lead, vinyl, and PVC. Opt for an eco-friendly lunch tote. Check out the cute reusable lunch bags by Mixed Bag Designs. They are made from recycled materials and can be used over and over again.

2. Avoid Plastic bag waste – Instead of using throw-away plastic bags, opt for reusable containers and bags. Mixed Bag Designs offers “foodies”, cute reusable snack bags that are FDA Approved and Dishwasher Safe. Keep snack food and sandwiches in these bags and prevent plastic waste.

3. Avoid pre-packaged foods and snacks – Individual snack packs may seem convenient, but they create a lot of waste and usually cost the consumer more. Buy in bulk and keep snacks in reusable food containers or other reusable containers to prevent waste and save money.

4. Switch to Cloth – Instead of paper napkins, try using cloth napkins to cut down on waste.

5. Get a drink container – Instead of using disposable juice boxes and plastic bottles, try a reusable bottle. They roll and fold when empty, can snap on your lunch bag or backpack, and are BPA, lead, and phthalate free. They can even be frozen to keep drinks colder longer during the day.

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