PTO Tips – Building a Better PTO

PTO Tips - Building Better PTOsReaching out to the school community is an important part of building a successful PTO organization. If you can create a strong sense of community among the school families, they are more likely to feel like an integral part of your organization and reach out to become involved in every aspect of their child’s school, including the PTO. Experienced PTO members know the struggles that come with building up a strong team within the parent teacher organization, but we came across some helpful tips that we wanted to share with you! Read on to get some tips on building a better PTO. Continue reading

How to Write a Great Fundraising Thank You Letter

School fundraiser tips, how to fundraising ideasWhen it comes to fundraising, thanking all those involved and any major supporters with a memorable thank you note will reassure contributors that their help made a difference, and keep them loyal for future school fundraiser projects. Memorable thank you notes will make the recipient feel closer to the organization and prevent him or her from slipping away. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing a fundraising thank you note. Continue reading

Fun End-of-School Activities

Fun End of School Party Ideas - Mixed Bag DesignsMany teachers finish grading before school lets out, and students inevitably are stirring and anxious the last few days of school. It can be close to impossible to get them to focus on anything other than the long break ahead. Many teachers like to switch gears a few days before school lets out, and have the students take a break from the books for other fun activities. Here are some fun ideas for class activities to plan those last few days that will make the time fly and help close the school year with a bang. Continue reading

Happy First Day of Summer!

Summer Contest - Mixed Bag Designs FacebookHappy first day of summer! We’re excited to hear what you all are doing this summer or even what you wish you were doing instead of running errands or working in an office! Head on over to Mixed Bag Designs Facebook page to enter a fun contest for TODAY only to win one of our huge beach totes! Just look for our Happy First Day of Summer photo and comment on the post!

School Tips: Using Youtopia


Have you heard of Youtopia? What about gamification? We’re newbies to the concept as well, but recently we were invited to explore the platform and application and we couldn’t wait to share it with all of our PTOs, teachers and school fundraiser planners. Youtopia focuses on gamifying learning and service, using “badges” as motivational incentives to promote behavior and positive learning habits.

Gamification uses games and gaming mentality in non-game contexts to engage users and Youtopia takes this idea and runs with it in an easy-to-use platform for teachers, managers and volunteers. Youtopia uses activities, points, badges, and leader boards to engage and incentivise students. You can set up requirements and potential achievements and then award students or participants accordingly. From activity management in the classroom to Greek life volunteer organizing, Youtopia is a simple tool that can really help motivate your group! For more information, click here to Youtopia’s website.

PTO/PTA Tips: Getting Dad Involved

Fundraiser Tips - Get Dads Involved

It seems that school fundraiser committees and parent teacher organizations struggle to get more Dads involved in events and fundraisers from time to time. Chances are good that Dads are willing to help out, but don’t know how or simply haven’t been asked in a way that lets them know what they can do to assist. To get Dads more involved in the PTO and school matters, follow this good advice we have heard: simply think more like a Dad!

Continue reading

Celebrate Safety Month

June is safety monthEvery June is National Safety Month. We wanted use this as an opportunity to share some helpful tips to keep you happy and healthy all year long, in your home and wherever else you may find yourself. We know how important it is to keep your loved ones protected.

We emphasize using our reusable totes and bags for everyday errands, including grocery shopping. We want to remind you to be safe by keeping produce and other foods separate from any meats to avoid contamination, and also to make a point of regularly washing your bags with warm soap and water to keep them clean and free of germs. In the spirit of National Safety Month, here are some other great tips for staying safe we’ve gathered to keep in mind. Continue reading