Happy First Day of Summer!

Happy first day of summer! We’re excited to hear what you all are doing this summer or even what you wish you were doing instead of running errands or working in an office! Head on over to Mixed Bag Designs Facebook page to enter a fun contest for TODAY only! Enter now to win!

School Tips: Using Youtopia

Have you heard of Youtopia? What about gamification? We’re newbies to the concept as well, but recently we were invited to explore the platform and application and we couldn’t wait to share it with all of our PTOs, teachers and school fundraiser planners. Youtopia focuses on gamifying learning and service, using “badges” as motivational incentives to promote behavior and positive learning habits.

PTO/PTA Tips: Getting Dad Involved

It seems that school fundraiser organizations and parent teacher organizations struggle to get more Dads involved in events and fundraisers from time to time. Chances are good that Dads are willing to help out, but don’t know how or simply haven’t been asked in a way that lets them know what they can do to assist. Check out our advice to get Dads involved!

Celebrate Safety Month

Every June is National Safety Month. We wanted use this as an opportunity to share some helpful tips to keep you happy and healthy all year long, in your home and wherever else you may find yourself. We know how important it is to keep your loved ones protected. In the spirit of National Safety Month, here are some other great tips for staying safe we’ve gathered to keep in mind.