Healthy School Fundraisers Go Green

Green School Fundraisers are HealthyMixed Bag Designs offers an eco-friendly, healthy alternative to the many school fundraisers that want students to sell unhealthy foods and treats. Don’t bring in any more cookie dough or junk food, instead you can promote healthy habits like litter-less lunch with our reusable lunch program: get the bag, the sandwich packs, the reusable bottles and ice packs and say goodbye to plastic bags and single-use food containers!

With roughly 17% of children from 2 to 19 overweight, schools can afford to ignore unhealthy fundraisers that are detrimental to their health and the health of those around them. Healthy fundraising alternatives, like the eco-friendly product fundraisers available through Mixed Bag Designs, offer important health benefits to students. For more information on healthy fundraisers, check out this health fundraiser guide offered by the NYC Department of Education: click to view.

1. Healthy fundraisers provide a consistent message – Fundraising with healthy products sends a message that schools are committed to promoting healthy behavior instead of contradicting lessons taught about important nutrition. You can’t expect students to remain committed to a healthy lifestyle if they are bombarded with cookie and cheesecake fundraisers.

2. Green fundraisers promote a healthy environment – Students should receive consistent, reliable health information at school along with the opportunity to use that knowledge. Choosing a green fundraising company that is conscious of the environment and sells eco-friendly products send an important message to students. Healthy fundraising alternatives are an important part of fostering healthy lifestyles and a clean environment.

3. Healthy fundraisers lead to healthier students – Research has linked learning ability, academic performance, and better behavior to good nutrition. If we are providing junk food to students and their families in the form of cookie fundraisers, we are undermining the other efforts that go into making students healthier. In order to provide the best learning environment possible, schools must provide an atmosphere supportive of healthy habits and nutrition.

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  1. These are awesome! And healthy fundraisers are great for school. We want to see more schools and non profits offer healthy fundraisers to show students the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits.

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