Celebrate Safety Month

June is safety monthEvery June is National Safety Month. We wanted use this as an opportunity to share some helpful tips to keep you happy and healthy all year long, in your home and wherever else you may find yourself. We know how important it is to keep your loved ones protected.

We emphasize using our reusable totes and bags for everyday errands, including grocery shopping. We want to remind you to be safe by keeping produce and other foods separate from any meats to avoid contamination, and also to make a point of regularly washing your bags with warm soap and water to keep them clean and free of germs. In the spirit of National Safety Month, here are some other great tips for staying safe we’ve gathered to keep in mind.

Consider getting trained in first aid and CPR this summer. You never know when these skills might come in handy. You can even get some safety certifications completed online.

Test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors regularly to make sure they don’t need batteries replaced. You might even want to change the batteries every year regardless if they’re still working, just for the peace of mind.

Go through your cupboards and dispose of any unused of expired medications. You can bring old prescriptions to your local pharmacy to dispose of, since flushing them contaminates the local water sources and causes pollution problems.

If you’re taking a vacation this summer, have a friend or family member pick up your mail so it doesn’t get piled up in the mailbox. If you’re going away for long, have someone check on the house or see if your local police department will check out the house. Many have a program for this. You also might consider having a light or TV on a timer to deter thieves.

Consider taking your name off your mailbox if it’s there; with the internet and google, it’s easy for a stranger to find your phone number online, and a potential thief might take advantage of this by calling to see if anyone is home.

Get a motion-sensor light for your home to ward off any unwanted persons or potential burglars. Don’t forget to use energy efficient compact bulbs to be eco-friendly!

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