PTO/PTA Tips: Getting Dad Involved

Fundraiser Tips - Get Dads Involved

It seems that school fundraiser committees and parent teacher organizations struggle to get more Dads involved in events and fundraisers from time to time. Chances are good that Dads are willing to help out, but don’t know how or simply haven’t been asked in a way that lets them know what they can do to assist. To get Dads more involved in the PTO and school matters, follow this good advice we have heard: simply think more like a Dad!

Remember that often times, men are more task oriented and spend less time planning/talking about those tasks. Simply ask Dads to do something, and there is a good chance they will get it done right away. It’s also great to ask them to do something with their child and provide an opportunity for them to work as a team for a great cause.

Assign specific tasks so Dads have a starting point. Invite Dads specifically to events to make them feel like their presence is sought. Another way to invite them is to have students personally invite their Dads with a personal note or picture. Be sure to acknowledge their attendance instead of recognizing all parents generically. Be sure to ask their opinions and see which tasks they would like to take charge of to get their input and communication.

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