School Tips: Using Youtopia


Have you heard of Youtopia? What about gamification? We’re newbies to the concept as well, but recently we were invited to explore the platform and application and we couldn’t wait to share it with all of our PTOs, teachers and school fundraiser planners. Youtopia focuses on gamifying learning and service, using “badges” as motivational incentives to promote behavior and positive learning habits.

Gamification uses games and gaming mentality in non-game contexts to engage users and Youtopia takes this idea and runs with it in an easy-to-use platform for teachers, managers and volunteers. Youtopia uses activities, points, badges, and leader boards to engage and incentivise students. You can set up requirements and potential achievements and then award students or participants accordingly. From activity management in the classroom to Greek life volunteer organizing, Youtopia is a simple tool that can really help motivate your group! For more information, click here to Youtopia’s website.

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