How to Write a Great Fundraising Thank You Letter

School fundraiser tips, how to fundraising ideasWhen it comes to fundraising, thanking all those involved and any major supporters with a memorable thank you note will reassure contributors that their help made a difference, and keep them loyal for future school fundraiser projects. Memorable thank you notes will make the recipient feel closer to the organization and prevent him or her from slipping away. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing a fundraising thank you note.

1. Send it promptly – A prompt thank you note will impress the recipient and let them know that the school fundraising committee is on top of its duties and well run. It gives you a leg up from the competition.

2. Make the note personal – If you want the person that helped your organization to consider repeating the favor or helping again down the road, make the note seem personal. This can be accomplished by using the first and second person of speech, (I and we, you) a warm tone of voice instead of over-formal, and casual writing that uses contractions like “you’re” instead of you are. Start out with a more personal opening line as well, instead of saying something like “on behalf of..” which is too distant and formal.

3. Use a warm tone and emotion – Be sincere when you thank your recipient, and try to show thoughtfulness and gratitude. Don’t be afraid to show who you are as a person and connect with the recipient. Wear your heart on your sleeve so to speak, and try to convey excitement about the result of having extra help/support during the fundraiser.

4. Send a “real” letter – A pre-printed card is too impersonal when your recipient has already reached out to your organization and believes in you. Use a card that you can write in yourself to make it more personal and real, or make sure to add a note somewhere in the card that reflects your gratitude and appreciation.

5. Use the recipient’s name – With today’s technology, there is no reason not to use the recipient’s name instead of addressing them “Dear Friend.” If you’re sending emails, you can often set it up to add the person’s name automatically at the start of the email. With online card writing, you can just insert the name.

6. Send more than one thank-you letter – If possible, send a few thank you letters from different members of the fundraising committee, or perhaps from someone who directly benefited from the fundraiser, such as a student.

7. Include contact information – Help the recipient feel more connected with your fundraising project by including some sort of contact information.

You’ll find that by going the extra mile, you will gain so much back in return. Happy fundraising!

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