PTO Tips – Building a Better PTO

PTO Tips - Building Better PTOsReaching out to the school community is an important part of building a successful PTO organization. If you can create a strong sense of community among the school families, they are more likely to feel like an integral part of your organization and reach out to become involved in every aspect of their child’s school, including the PTO. Experienced PTO members know the struggles that come with building up a strong team within the parent teacher organization, but we came across some helpful tips that we wanted to share with you! Read on to get some tips on building a better PTO.

One way to create a sense of community is establishing a “Community Development” group or committee that focuses on promoting a community that works together, and also that works with families and faculty in the city. A committee like this would ideally consist of parents, teachers, and administrative staff. Together, they can brainstorm strategies and work together on projects. Important duties the committee might carry out include organizing “welcome” meetings at the beginning of the school year to engage parents and teachers and recruit PTO members, coordinating projects to do things like design a Parent Handbook for that school, and writing a blog on community events and weekly news.

An important part of instilling a sense of community is reaching out to thank and acknowledge parents and community members for their support and sponsorship, along with acknowledging the results that came from their support. Keep parents/community members updated on fundraising progress and let them know when goals are met. If a fundraiser had a specific purpose, like the purchase of new equipment for a playground, take pictures and share them with everyone. Create a “wall of thanks” or have students make thank you cards for an art project.

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