Top Five Fundraising Tips From the Experts

Top Fundraiser Tips for School Fundraisers

These expert fundraising tips will help ensure your fundraiser is more successful and fun while maximizing profits and getting the most out of your campaign.

1.  Use tried and true sales techniques

Before starting your fundraiser, brainstorm with students on a good introduction on the causes and desired outcome of the fundraiser. Having students open with this and not immediately asking their potential customer to buy something will increase profits. Students should always introduce themselves and remember to emphasize the fundraiser goals. They should also share advantages and desirable qualities of the products they are selling. For example, our green fundraising products include eco-friendly bags and reusable totes. These are qualities that appeal to a large market and should be mentioned.  Also, remind students how to appear professional and have them always thank their potential customers.

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Schools Going Green & Eco-Friendly with Grades of Green

Grades of Green

Mixed Bags Designs is no stranger to Grades of Green; we partnered with this wonderful non-profit in their quest to help schools and students go green in April of 2012 by providing eco-friendly products for their fundraising needs and has since been a proud sponsor.

On Earth Day 2010, the website for Grades of Green was launched in the hope that protecting the environment could be an accessible goal for students and schools everywhere.  Today, it is an incredibly successful non-profit that provides tools and information that schools can use to make improvements and focus on being more green and teaching students how environmental protection can be second nature.

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Green Summer Vacation Destinations

Eco-friendly vacations: Mixed Bag Designs

The Summer still isn’t over, and lots of families are still looking forward to summer vacations. Travel can be therapeutic and educational, but it can be expensive and come with a big carbon footprint. We all like to vacation and get away from familiarity, and unfortunately when we do our consumption goes us and we temporarily forget about things like recycling and conserving energy. On the bright side, there are lots of destinations that are more green and earth-friendly than others. Consider the following eco-friendly vacation destinations, where you will be doing the environment good without sacrificing usual vacation pleasures.

1. Yucatan, Mexico
In Yucatan, you’ll be able to avoid the typical college and cruise ship crowds. The area is rich in Mayan history and archeology and the area has several eco-friendly resorts that will leave you feeling good about your trip. Continue reading

How to Have a Great School Fundraiser Kickoff

Kickoff your Fundraiser- Mixed Bag DesignsWe all know how important it is to have a successful kickoff for your school fundraiser. It can easily be one of the most exciting parts of a school fundraiser if it’s planned correctly. It gets students excited for the fundraiser and generates enthusiasm that is necessary if you want to reach your fundraising goals. A passionate audience with ultimately result in a higher profit margin and higher satisfaction among all those who participated in the fundraiser. Here are some tips to keep in mind before starting your fundraising kickoff.

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Sign Up Now for A Fall Fundraiser!

Fall School Fundraiser Offer

It may be summer vacation, but for many PTA leaders and school fundraiser organizers, there’s no time to rest as they’re already planning out the upcoming school year! We want to make this process as simple as possible so we are offering special incentives for any school or organization who signs up for a Fall fundraiser by July 31!

Early planners take advantage of this special offer! Sign up now for a Fall 2013 green fundraiser by July 31, 2013 and you’ll get tons of extras as a thank you!

Sign up today and receive:

  • $50 in gift cards – perfect for incentives and rewards! You’ll get 2 Mixed Bag Designs $25 gift cards that are fantastic incentives to use for rewarding to your top teachers and/or top sellers!
  • Free marketing posters designed by our professional marketing team
  • 50% off samples and an exclusive choice of fabulous sample sets that are excellent for displays
  • Discounted promotional bags to give out to your teachers and staff to kick off the fundraiser
    • You can order 25 maximum (one per teacher recommended)

The gift cards will ship with your main order. The free bags and marketing posters will ship with your catalog and sample order.

What’s Included With Your Fundraiser:

  • up to 50% profit
  • free shipping
  • competitive prize programs
  • useful, easy-to-sell products Check out our Fall Fundraiser Catalog and see for yourself!
  • simple order entry
  • easy distribution with pre-sorted orders
  • PLUS customized online emails you can forward to boost your online friends & family sales!

PTO Tips – Importance of Bylaws

Top PTO Tips from Mixed Bag Designs

When it comes to running or being part of a parent group, you’ve probably got your hands full without worrying about bylaws and paperwork. If your school PTO group does have bylaws, there’s a good chance they are stuck in a filing cabinet somewhere and left to collect dust. While some groups do have a set of bylaws, they are less than enthusiastic about them and don’t make use of them. Fortunately, bylaws can be a useful tool that evolve with your parent group. They keep help keep the integrity of the group intact when things get difficult. Since they are standard and impersonal, they can be a powerful decision making tool during dilemmas that remind everyone involved of the so-called guidelines. The good of the whole organization comes first and the group can be stronger as a whole. So, you want to know….how the heck can you use these mysterious bylaws in your school’s parent group?

Using Your Bylaws

The executive board should establish and go over the bylaws upon elections, and every member should get a copy and be able to understand what is in the document. It should include job descriptions for members and officers, and should contain a mission statement. Financial policies may need to be written out so that there is a reference for compliance throughout the year as school fundraisers begin. Keep hard copies in your master files and in each office binder so that if the time comes, they can be used. You might want to post them electronically as well. Continue reading