Students Celebrate Silver Eco Award


We love to celebrate student efforts to go green all around the world and were particularly excited about this latest news. Congratulations to the students at Ashurst Wood Primary School in the United Kingdom, who recently won a Silver Eco Award for their school-wide effort to make a positive change and protect the environment. The Ashurst students had duties including energy-saving activities like recycling paper, shoes, clothes, and making compost from fruit peelings. In addition, the school’s teachers link environmental issues to their curriculum.

Eco-Schools is an international award program that helps guide schools on their journey toward sustainability, and provides a way to integrate environmental principles withthe heart of school life.  The Silver award criteria is designed to strengthen leadership and establish school-wide involvement in various “Eco-Schools” topics, including energy, biodiversity, and healthy living, among others. Students learn simple ways to change their school for the better, and are encouraged to make choices that have a positive impact on the environment. For example, students might run a green school fundraiser that promotes a healthy change, such as using reusable bags instead of plastic bags. To win this award, the school must put together an “eco-committee” consisting of pupils and adults that meet during the school year. Pupils share the responsibility of running the committee with adults, and records are kept of meetings.

The Eco-Schools program can benefit schools in various ways, like enhancing curriculum, improving the school directly, and forging a strong link between the school and community. In addition, the small changes that are made can save the school a substantial amount of money on expenses, on the energy bill for example. The students at Ashurst Wood Primary School are now working to gain a different award, the “Green Flag Award”. How does your school work to go green? Tell us in the comments!

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