How to Have a Great School Fundraiser Kickoff

Kickoff your Fundraiser- Mixed Bag DesignsWe all know how important it is to have a successful kickoff for your school fundraiser. It can easily be one of the most exciting parts of a school fundraiser if it’s planned correctly. It gets students excited for the fundraiser and generates enthusiasm that is necessary if you want to reach your fundraising goals. A passionate audience with ultimately result in a higher profit margin and higher satisfaction among all those who participated in the fundraiser. Here are some tips to keep in mind before starting your fundraising kickoff.

1. Have a live kickoff – It might seem easiest to make a kickoff video to show classrooms, but doing the school fundraising kickoff “live” during an assembly can really make an impact. The energy level will be higher and you will end up with a more enthusiastic group. Even if you decide to show a video, assemble students and show it to the group. When playing the video, use the largest viewing screen available. It will generate more excitement, which means more sales!

2. Communicate the Purpose – Explain the purpose of the assembly as soon as possible. Explain why the fundraiser is being held, how the money will be spent, and how it will directly affect the students. Explaining the purpose and communicating this well will motivate everyone to work hard.

3. Use an authority figure – Have the principal, or another authority figure, introduce your school fundraiser. The audience will respect the project if they see someone they respect or recognize as important introducing the fundraiser and/or closing it out.

4. Have Music – Try to arrange to borrow a good stereo and sound system to play music that the audience will enjoy when entering the assembly and again when they are leaving.

5. Set up equipment in advance – Any technical equipment should be tested and working properly in advance of the kickoff assembly. Test the music, any laptops or projectors, microphones, etc.

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