Green Summer Vacation Destinations

Eco-friendly vacations: Mixed Bag Designs

The Summer still isn’t over, and lots of families are still looking forward to summer vacations. Travel can be therapeutic and educational, but it can be expensive and come with a big carbon footprint. We all like to vacation and get away from familiarity, and unfortunately when we do our consumption goes us and we temporarily forget about things like recycling and conserving energy. On the bright side, there are lots of destinations that are more green and earth-friendly than others. Consider the following eco-friendly vacation destinations, where you will be doing the environment good without sacrificing usual vacation pleasures.

1. Yucatan, Mexico
In Yucatan, you’ll be able to avoid the typical college and cruise ship crowds. The area is rich in Mayan history and archeology and the area has several eco-friendly resorts that will leave you feeling good about your trip.

2. Alaska
It may be hard to imagine, but summer is the perfect time to visit Alaska, which is quite temperate during the warmer months. It is considered by many to be one of last wild places on earth, with tons of eco-tours and recreational activities available throughout the state.

3. Costa Rica
Costa Rica is on its way to becoming the first carbon neutral country by 2021. Over 20% of this island nation is protected territory, meaning there is an amazing variety of plant and animal life.

4. Nova Scotia
If beaches aren’t your thing and you prefer rolling hills, consider this unique region. It is known for its Atlantic shores, where whales can be seen on their migratory swims. Check out Canada’s ECOmmodation program for lodges with high green ratings.

5. Ecuador
If you’ve dreamed of visiting the rainforest, Ecuador is for you. Eco–tourism is important there and helps native tribes protect their lands and heritage for oil extraction. There are a wide variety of eco-friendly hotels and lodges that provide jobs for natives and their families as well that help in the preservation efforts.

8. Colorado
For the biggest skies and mountains you could imagine, consider Colorado, a state very dedicated to renewable energy and local products. Rocky Mountain National Park offers one in a lifetime opportunities to get to animals like elk and big horn sheep.

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