Schools Going Green & Eco-Friendly with Grades of Green

Grades of Green

Mixed Bags Designs is no stranger to Grades of Green; we partnered with this wonderful non-profit in their quest to help schools and students go green in April of 2012 by providing eco-friendly products for their fundraising needs and has since been a proud sponsor.

On Earth Day 2010, the website for Grades of Green was launched in the hope that protecting the environment could be an accessible goal for students and schools everywhere.  Today, it is an incredibly successful non-profit that provides tools and information that schools can use to make improvements and focus on being more green and teaching students how environmental protection can be second nature.

Once a school joins, there are a series of different initiatives to focus on, like “Trash Redux”, which focuses on trash reduction, or “Walk the Walk”, which focuses on reducing emissions.  Grades of Green strives to inspire and empower students, giving them the resources they need to get involved in student-led environmental projects and make a big difference with tools like instructions, videos, photos, products, and artwork. It’s an ever-growing community with 115,000 students to date from over 190 schools across 29 states.

Mixed Bag Designs loves supporting initiatives that teach students how going green can be easy and fun, which is why we’ve teamed up with them in our own journey to make the world a little greener. Shop reusable totes, colorful lunch bags, and lots of other fashionable eco-friendly products, and use the Fundraiser ID# 104110 when you checkout.  40% of your purchase will be donated to Grades of Green!

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