Top Five Fundraising Tips From the Experts

Top Fundraiser Tips for School Fundraisers

These expert fundraising tips will help ensure your fundraiser is more successful and fun while maximizing profits and getting the most out of your campaign.

1.  Use tried and true sales techniques

Before starting your fundraiser, brainstorm with students on a good introduction on the causes and desired outcome of the fundraiser. Having students open with this and not immediately asking their potential customer to buy something will increase profits. Students should always introduce themselves and remember to emphasize the fundraiser goals. They should also share advantages and desirable qualities of the products they are selling. For example, our green fundraising products include eco-friendly bags and reusable totes. These are qualities that appeal to a large market and should be mentioned.  Also, remind students how to appear professional and have them always thank their potential customers.

2. Make the most out of prizes

Incentives and prizes can go a long way to motivate students and help them stay focused on the goal. In addition to incentives that might be provided by your fundraising company, motivate them further by rewarding them with homework passes or a pizza party to the class that sells the most. To get the best outcome, get input from the students on what prizes they would like.

3. Place an emphasis on teamwork

When there is a top classroom or team prize, students are more likely to work together and feed off each others energy. The competition that stems from this can be healthy and go a long way in boosting profits.

4. Keep Momentum

Reward goals met soon in your campaign, perhaps giving prizes to the first several students to reach a certain objective or deadline. This will get everyone off to a strong start and ensure there is enough time to sell throughout the course of the fundraiser.

5. Pay attention to details

Specific goals and deadlines are key to a successful fundraiser. Break up the campaign into a series of smaller goals and establish monetary goals early. You want parents to know when to expect the end of a fundraiser so they don’t get burnt out.

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