Fundraising Tips – Fundraiser Email Tips and Ideas

Fundraising Tips - Emails and School FundraisingE-mail is free, with no production or materials needed. It is a great way to effectively communicate and increase your audience of potential donors, customers, and volunteers. It can be used to direct a campaign to specific groups, and allows you to build a relationship with supporters of your group. Using the power of email can grow your fundraising organization, which will be important when you start a fundraiser. and allow you to maintain those new connections. Here are some tips for collecting e-mail addresses for your e-mail database so you can make the most of e-mail in your charity or school fundraiser.

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Top Five School Fundraiser Tips for Stay-At-Home Parents

Top Fundraising Tips for Parents - Mixed Bag Designs
Many parents assume that stay-at-home parents have extra time on their hands when it comes to projects like school fundraising, but in truth, school fundraising poses its own set of challenges to them as well. Many stay-at-home parents are at a slight disadvantage when it comes to networking and getting the catalog out there simply because they don’t have work friends or cubicle buddies that they can share their kid’s catalogs with. Going door-to-door isn’t safe, and collecting/delivering the products can be difficult. Badgering friends and family again and again with the same school fundraiser is not only tiresome, it also decreases sales over time.

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The Future Project: Redefining Education

The Future Project

While stumbling through some non-profit fundraising websites, we found a program known as The Future Project. This organization is fighting to change the education system and transform schools into places of inspiration and passion. It is critical to provide opportunities to students to thrive and provide direction for them to realize their dreams. Public education is in a time of crisis; billions have been spent on education reform, and yet students, especially those in urban areas, are still very unprepared for college and the workplace. The Future Project hopes to change that by promoting new and alternative teaching methods both in and outside the classroom.

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Top Fundraising Tips – Fundraiser Events

Fundraising Tips - Fundraiser Events, Mixed Bag Designs

Events are a great way to fund raise for a variety of causes. You can take advantage of having a crowd of people all together in one place for one cause. There are definite “dos” and “don’ts” for fundraisers and we thought we’d put together a helpful list of tips for planning a fundraiser event.

1. Set up an account for funds. Consider opening a new bank account if you plan to raise a significant amount of money. This is especially useful if the fundraising event helps an individual or family. This helps keep your campaign organized and the funds safe. Continue reading

School Fundraising and Social Media

Fundraising and Social Media

With over a billion users on Facebook and millions on Twitter, it’s no surprise that social media channels are having a huge impact on the world of fundraising. “Social fundraising” is the next big thing, allowing people to create their own fundraising campaigns to benefit non-profit groups of their choice. Social media is impacting how fundraising companies operate their business and campaigns. Here’s some insight into how social media and online communities are affecting the world of fundraising.

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Top tips for PTOs and PTAs

PTO Tips

Fall is right around the corner, and so is fundraising for the school year. Many school fundraisers are handled by the school’s PTO/PTA and we don’t know what we would do without them. There are several mindsets, however, about PTO/PTA that aren’t really true. We wanted to share some common misconceptions people develop, and use quick fixes for school fundraising through a product company.

Mistake: Thinking all parents are the same.

  • The Fix: Instead of growing frustrated when parents aren’t responding to your needs, or aren’t helping as much as you’d like, remember that parents are motivated by different things. You may be heavily involved in your parent group because you know it’s the right thing to do, but others need to be approached from a different angle. Clearly communicate why it is important for them to be involved and explain how their kids will benefit. Show them that your group accomplishes a great deal and explain that their time won’t be forgotten, even if they are only able to offer an hour or two. Many parents don’t realize they can help without committing large amounts of time, and so they don’t help at all. Continue reading

Shop and Support Girl Power 2 Cure Fundraiser

Girl Power 2 Cure

It’s always amazing to see how some people are able to turn what many would view as a tragedy into an empowering movement that changes the lives of thousands; it’s exactly what Ingrid Harding did when her daughter was diagnosed with Rett’s Syndrome. She was determined to not only do everything she could to help her daughter, but also to help girls everywhere who are affected by this diagnosis. Continue reading