Creative Classroom Supply Swaps from NEA Today

School Supplies Teacher TipsWith the summer coming to an end, teachers are busy getting ready for school to start. We wanted to share some ideas we found to replace some creative alternatives to popular teaching supplies that can really add up in cost. While school fundraisers help offset school supply costs, many teachers end up purchasing some supplies themselves. These tips will save some money and inspire any school teacher this Fall!

Instead of:  Art Boxes Use: Pizza Boxes – You can buy pizza boxes at a wholesale store if you can’t convince your local pizzeria to donate them, and they cost a fraction of what your might spend on plastic art boxes. Use it a craft opportunity for students at the beginning of the school year and let them decorate their own boxes!

Instead of: Whiteboards Use: Bathroom Paneling – Bathroom paneling can be purchased at a hardware or home improvement store for a lot less than you spend on whiteboards for the classroom. Get tile made of melamine, which has a plastic-like surface on one side and a smooth finish for writing on with markers. Use decorative duct tape to cover the edges and make them more colorful.

Instead of: Whiteboard Paint Use: WD-40 – Whiteboard paint is great for restoring heavily used whiteboard surfaces, but why spend the money when you can buy a can of WD-40 for a lot less if you don’t already have it in your garage. it restores the surface to almost new.

Instead of: Whiteboard Erasers Use: Dryer Sheets – A box of dryer sheets works just as well as any whiteboard eraser, and makes clean-up easy. You can even make this a more eco-friendly choice by using used dryer sheets before throwing them away.


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