Top Ten School Fundraising Ideas

Top Ten School Fundraising Ideas - Mixed Bag DesignsWith school budgets across the country taking a hit, and parents struggling, students and families need to pour their time and energy into school fundraising when the opportunity arises. We came up with a list of the top fundraising ideas, all with little overhead cost and the possibility to raise a decent profit, to share with other parents.

1. Teacher Raffle – Organize a raffle where the prize is an outing with a fun teacher who has set aside time for some kind of fun activity with one or two students.

2. Host a Giant Garage Sale – Hosting a school-wide garage sale is a great way to make a good profit, and there is not too much set-up involved. It can be a one or two day event and any leftover items can be recycled or donated to charity. Be sure to spread the word in a newsletter or newspaper that will reach a large portion of the community to ensure this easy fundraiser is a success.

3. Sell Reusable Bags – It’s hard to go wrong with an eco-friendly fundraiser like Mixed Bag Designs. Our reusable bags are a great green fundraising alternative to cookie dough or candles. Unlike other product fundraisers, a reusable bag fundraiser is appealing and environmentally responsible. Eco-friendly totes, reusable bags, lunch gear and accessories make this a great fundraiser that will have something for everybody.

4. Recycle! – Recycling can be a good way to do something positive for the planet while making profits along the way. Have students collect recyclable goods like ink cartridges or old cell phones and bring them to a recycling facility for some quick cash.

5.  Go Online – If you have a fundraiser like an auction planned, or have used one in the past, consider hosting one and putting it online. It may even be worth the extra money to hire someone with expertise to organize the event and set up a webpage for the event. Ask local businesses if they would be able to help with the fundraiser by donating products or coupons. Promote the event as much as possible, and be sure to share it on the PTO/PTA website and any relevant social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

6. Academic Fundraiser – Host a special test where friends and families of students can pledge an amount for the school fundraiser, where the students take a test later and the money raised is based on correct answers. This can be a spelling test, or a test from some other subject. Not only can you raise money doing this, you can also get students excited and motivated to learn.

7.  Student Art Fundraiser – Student artwork can be used to reprint on gift items like mugs and t-shirts, which can be ideal before a holiday like Christmas or Mother’s Day. Students get excited to see their artwork reproduced and parents can enjoy their kid’s artwork while supporting a good fundraising cause.

8. Host a dance-off – A dance competition with teachers or administrators can bring in a good deal of money and some laughs as well. Some schools have this event, then have the winners from each school join together for a final dance-off at a venue somewhere. Judging and the amount of money to be raised can be organized according to each school’s preferences and needs.

9. Kiss a Pig – Students and community members vote on which teachers should wear pig mask/kiss a pig during a fundraising assembly. Each vote can cost a dollar or two. Try and rally the students to compete and get as many votes in as possible to see their choice of teacher win this contest!

10.  Use the Principal as a Prize – Have the principal agree to do something embarrassing if a monetary goal is reached by students, such as getting pied in the face, being in a dunk tank for the day, or having to wear a clown outfit for a week.

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