School Fundraiser Tips – Planning Ahead

School Fundraiser Tips - Planning Fundraisers

We all know how tricky it can be to run a successful school fundraiser. To maximize your chances of making your fundraising goals and to keep things running smoothly, ask yourself and your group the following questions regarding the fundraising campaign. Thinking about these issues will get you on the right track, covering important topics that should be addressed before jumping head-first into your fundraiser. If you are a parent or help run a PTO or PTA group, share these questions to get your group headed in a positive direction before you even begin with the real work!

1. How much volunteer time will the project require?

It’s important to consider how many volunteers you will need, and how much work will be involved in your project. Before committing to a project, you want to ensure that you will have the needed support and not overwhelm volunteers with extra work because of poor planning. Establish how many committed volunteers you have, how many more you may need to recruit, and decide how they will be assisting.

2. How will students be involved?

If you can lessen the burden on parents and volunteers by getting students excited to participate in the fundraiser, you will not only sell more but also free up time for the others to address problems that might arise during your school fundraiser. You want to identify what jobs will be left to the students and communicate their duties early on.

3. What are the upfront expenses, and how will they be handled?

Green fundraisers that sell products and reusable bags like Mixed Bag Designs often do not have any upfront costs to the group or very minimal requirements. If you decide to use a fundraiser with upfront expenses, be sure to plan for them and consider a different fundraiser if it is unclear whether the profit margin will make up for any expenses incurred.

4. How will you spread awareness about your group and promote the fundraiser?

Reaching out to the community and spreading the word is critical to running a great fundraiser. Get as many people involved and aware of your campaign as possible. Consider using flyers, a website listing your cause and goals, social media, etc. Compile a parent e-mail list to remind everyone of important dates. Having an organized fundraiser and reaching your target audience is half the battle.

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