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Girl Power 2 Cure

It’s always amazing to see how some people are able to turn what many would view as a tragedy into an empowering movement that changes the lives of thousands; it’s exactly what Ingrid Harding did when her daughter was diagnosed with Rett’s Syndrome. She was determined to not only do everything she could to help her daughter, but also to help girls everywhere who are affected by this diagnosis.

Her organization, Girl Power 2 Cure, spreads awareness and operates with the belief that things can change though hard work and perseverance. This fundraiser organization keeps a positive attitude while campaigning nationally to find a cure for Rett Syndrome.

Rett Syndrome is a neurological disease that severely inhibits motor functions and physical ability and is prevent in girls; there is a spectrum of the severity of symptoms experienced by those diagnosed, but most are believed to have normal or close to normal brain functions. For this reason, Ingrid wanted her daughter to experience a colorful childhood and experience joy just like the rest of us. She was not about to let this diagnosis dictate her daughter’s quality of life.

Girl Power 2 Cure hosts charitable races, family events and other fundraising events throughout the year to raise money that contributes to important research dedicated to finding a cure for the disease. That research has already discovered that the disorder is potentially reversible by studying the relationship between protein levels and the severity of symptoms. Many doctors and scientists are confident that Rett Syndrome has the potential to be cured, as well as holding the key to curing other neuro-developmental disorders.

As Girl Power 2 Cure would say, “Let’s get this done!” Mixed Bag Designs has joined forces with Girl Power to Cure to help support their cause. Shop the Mixed Bag Designs store to help fight Rett Syndrome, and before submitting your order, add the Fundraiser ID# 123389. Girl Power 2 Cure will receive 40% of your purchase.
Click to learn more about fundraising with Mixed Bag Designs and how you can raise money and awareness for your cause!

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