School Fundraising and Social Media

Fundraising and Social Media

With over a billion users on Facebook and millions on Twitter, it’s no surprise that social media channels are having a huge impact on the world of fundraising. “Social fundraising” is the next big thing, allowing people to create their own fundraising campaigns to benefit non-profit groups of their choice. Social media is impacting how fundraising companies operate their business and campaigns. Here’s some insight into how social media and online communities are affecting the world of fundraising.

We are seeing the rise of what many are referring to as “free agents” in fundraising. These people want to run their own campaigns and feel empowered to fund raise for a cause they care about without being managed. They do the work and then a portion goes to a non-profit of their choice. Philanthropy is becoming a personal experience, where individuals can communicate experiences with each other via the internet. This creates a previously missing sense of transparency and accountability between donors and fundraising companies. People who support fundraisers are able to leverage the power of social media to inspire, share goals, and fully engage themselves and others in their campaign easily.

As a result of increasing communication and connectivity in the fundraising sector, along with heightened accountability for popular fundraising companies, non-profits and fundraising companies are more responsive and aware of customer’s and donor’s expectations and needs. This has given niche companies, like eco-friendly fundraising companies, an upper hand in the world of school fundraisers. People are gravitating towards those companies that offer benefits with their campaigns and products.There is a growing trend of green school fundraisers gaining popularity over previously popular companies that market unhealthy foods or wasteful products, and the reason seems obvious. The core of many fundraising platforms is a concept of having a social good identity. Those companies that are socially responsible are more likely to thrive. Social fundraising through these newly popular channels is quickly being incorporated into fundraising strategy by many companies, and with time social media and networking will hopefully change fundraising for the better.

Via Mashable

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