Top Fundraising Tips – Fundraiser Events

Fundraising Tips - Fundraiser Events, Mixed Bag Designs

Events are a great way to fund raise for a variety of causes. You can take advantage of having a crowd of people all together in one place for one cause. There are definite “dos” and “don’ts” for fundraisers and we thought we’d put together a helpful list of tips for planning a fundraiser event.

1. Set up an account for funds. Consider opening a new bank account if you plan to raise a significant amount of money. This is especially useful if the fundraising event helps an individual or family. This helps keep your campaign organized and the funds safe.

2. Find out if your cause has helpful resources. If you are championing a person, group, or non-profit organization, ask them if they can provide a list of anyone who would be open to being contacted regarding the fundraiser event. Often times, these groups have an email list, which can be helpful for finding sponsors or volunteers.

3. Establish a venue early on. For indoor events, think school, organizations, and halls. Do some research and find out where similar events were held. After creating a list of possible venues, inquire on the cost and availability. Try to get space donated. Contact anyone involved and get their ideas on locations as well.

4. Before the event, visit the venue. Take a short tour of the facility and make sure there is plenty of spaces, and then find out what supplies you’ll need to provide, like extra chairs or table. Make a map of where things are to take place and note what areas could cause problems, like too much traffic or blockages.

5. Factor in extra time. Don’t forget the time it will take to set up the fundraiser as well it take it down. You don’t want to be scurrying last minute to set up and make people who want to help your cause wait around longer than necessary. Assume there will be some hiccups and plan accordingly. Time will also be needed to clean up after everyone leaves your fundraiser. You don’t want to incur extra expenses because of a wrong estimation on the time your event will take.

6. Make clear what payment methods are acceptable at your events. Cash and checks are most convenient, while credit cards are more involved and cost some of your profits. Share what kind of payment your fundraiser will accept with anyone who is attending your event. If you want to accept credit cards, research different credit accepting applications, like the mobile apps Square and GoPayment.

7. Pre-sell event tickets if there is going to be an admission charge for your fundraiser. Lines will run more smoothly when your event starts, and people can purchase tickets to support the cause even if they may not be able to make the event. You can also plan and execute the event better if you have a general idea how many people will be at your event.

8. Have fun! – Create a fun and energetic atmosphere for your fundraiser event that will translate to a happier group of attendees and an opportunity to make more fundraising profits.

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