Top Five School Fundraiser Tips for Stay-At-Home Parents

Top Fundraising Tips for Parents - Mixed Bag Designs
Many parents assume that stay-at-home parents have extra time on their hands when it comes to projects like school fundraising, but in truth, school fundraising poses its own set of challenges to them as well. Many stay-at-home parents are at a slight disadvantage when it comes to networking and getting the catalog out there simply because they don’t have work friends or cubicle buddies that they can share their kid’s catalogs with. Going door-to-door isn’t safe, and collecting/delivering the products can be difficult. Badgering friends and family again and again with the same school fundraiser is not only tiresome, it also decreases sales over time.

Here are our ideas for the top five school fundraiser tips for stay at home parents:

  • Purchase for yourself and others – Think ahead and buy gifts for holidays and avoid the stress that will come from finding those last minute gifts. Ask your PTO or PTA for a list of school fundraisers so you can plan accordingly and tentatively decide what you might purchase. If you know there is a reusable bag fundraiser coming up in a few months, maybe you’ll hold off on purchasing them from the grocery store when you see them. Think of upcoming occasions or parties where you might want to bring a small gift, and plan to get these through your kid’s school fundraiser. You’ll feel better about spending money on fundraisers when you know the items you buy will go to good use, not to mention save you time and hassle.
  • Pick the right products for the right people. You don’t want to repeatedly ask the same friends to help out with fundraiser. Instead, try to anticipate which product fundraisers will appeal to your acquaintances and spread the offers around. They will be more willing to help if they feel you are sharing an offer with them based on their preferences instead of hitting them up every time you get a new catalog.
  • Let  kids help out. Most of the time, school fundraisers benefit the students directly by supporting an organization. Since a lot of people are purchasing fundraising products to help the student, (not just because they have a need for the product) they will be more willing to buy when they hear the sales pitch from the student and not an adult. It also teaches students a sense of responsibility.
  • Use social media. Broadcast your school fundraising project through Facebook, twitter, or any platform you may use. People won’t feel obliged to buy anything, and yet you may make contact with more people who are interested that you might not have thought to ask.
  • Give time instead. If you simply don’t want to spend money, offer to hep the organization running the fundraiser. These groups are often short on volunteers and could really use the extra hand to keep the fundraiser running smoothly.

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