Fundraising Tips – Fundraiser Email Tips and Ideas

Fundraising Tips - Emails and School FundraisingE-mail is free, with no production or materials needed. It is a great way to effectively communicate and increase your audience of potential donors, customers, and volunteers. It can be used to direct a campaign to specific groups, and allows you to build a relationship with supporters of your group. Using the power of email can grow your fundraising organization, which will be important when you start a fundraiser. and allow you to maintain those new connections. Here are some tips for collecting e-mail addresses for your e-mail database so you can make the most of e-mail in your charity or school fundraiser.

1. In the PTO/PTA letter, include a short friendly e-mail solicitation letter along with a postcard or insert which can be easily filled out and mailed back. Include reasons to sign up for the list-serv and assure the reader his or her email will not be given out or used inappropriately.

2. Make “e-mail’ a mandatory field on any printed posters or materials you are using in your next product fundraiser. If you are gathering pledges, include this field as well.

3. At school events or fundraising events, have volunteers politely ask attendees for their contact information for periodic updates on important events and fundraisers.

4. When sending important e-mails, ask the recipient to forward the e-mail to anyone relevant who might be interested in the materials. Offer a small incentive for getting friends on the list-serve.

5. Include a contact list on your school or PTO/PTA website’s homepage. Consider also including it on other web pages.

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