Green Back-to-School Tips

Eco-friendly back to school tips

Stay green this year as we head back to school this fall! Things will start to get hectic in the next few weeks and it’s easy to forget about all those eco-friendly habits we’ve been practicing over the summer. These environmentally friendly tips will help you go green this school year.

  • Reuse old notebooks and backpacks by updating old ones with new zipper pulls and appliques.
  • Pack lunches in washable, reusable bags instead of disposable bags
  • Pack fresh, whole fruit for lunches since it comes with its own packaging.
  • Visit consignment stores and vintage clothing shops to reuse and recycle clothing in addition to saving some money.
  • Keep a “scrap paper” container handy for used papers and homework that can be used again on the back side before being recycled or disposed of.
  • Use recyclable batteries and “smart” power strips to prevent extra power usage from your electronics and laptops when they aren’t in use.
  • Find colorful coffee mugs and travel cups to reduce the use of disposable paper cups. Many coffee shops are happy to use your reusable cups to serve your coffee.

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