School Fundraiser Tips – Safe Fundraising Ideas

Another school year is now upon us, and teachers and parents are already finding themselves organizing and helping out with school fundraisers and PTA events. While legal responsibilities may not be at the top of anyone’s list of concerns, it’s necessary to address the issue, especially for those parents and teachers who help run fundraising events. If a student or volunteer were to get hurt at an event, is your organization liable?

School Fundraiser Tips - Safe Fundraising Ideas

In the majority of cases, PTO groups, booster clubs, and school fundraising committees are not covered by a school district’s insurance policies. If a lawsuit were to occur, the people running the event might find themselves in a tough situation. Insurance isn’t difficult to obtain, and often times a good protective policy only costs a few hundred dollars a month. We put together a list of preventative tips to help keep everyone safe and happy at your school fundraisers and events.

  • Keep events on school property and  avoid having an event at a volunteer’s home or place of business.
  • If an outside vendor is used for an event, make sure they have insurance and properly trained staff.
  • For product sales, avoid door-to-door selling, and encourage parents to never leave kids unsupervised.
  • At a craft fair, don’t sell items that are small enough for a child to choke on.
  • Avoid dunk tanks, as there in an inherent drowning risk.
  • Keep events small, as it is difficult to manage events with a large number of people.

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