School Fundraiser Tips: Online Fundraising

School Fundraising Tips - Online FundraisingOver the past couple of years, online fundraising has grown tremendously to become an integral part of successful school fundraisers. We have found that each of our best-selling fundraisers incorporated a variety of online tools into their fundraising plan. Even if you’re not the most tech-savvy person or if the idea of posting on Facebook makes you a little nervous, these are easy online tips anyone can use in a fundraiser. Online fundraising allows you to broaden the scope of your network and potential buyers with just a couple clicks. One email can cover more areas than an afternoon spent going door-to-door. See what works and how you can incorporate online fundraising into your school fundraiser.

1. Send an email (or two!) – Many schools and parent organizations already have a contact list of parents on file – why not put that contact list to good use? Send out an email at the start of your fundraiser to let parents know that the seller packets will be coming home in backpacks and to keep an eye out for them. This simple gesture can eliminate all that wasted time when seller packets sit in backpacks for days. It’s also a great idea to send the emails every few days as a reminder to parents of ordering deadlines and other helpful information.

2. Promote online shopping – Mixed Bag Designs, like many other fundraising companies, offers an online fundraising option in conjunction with the regular catalog sale. Out-of-town friends and family who couldn’t normally get their hands on a catalog can now shop online and support their fundraiser. Promoting this option is super easy for the fundraiser chair and is a hassle-free way to boost sales. All the chair has to do is send out emails promoting the online shopping option (Mixed Bag Designs customizes and sends this email out for you!). The buyers will pay the tax and shipping and they receive their orders at home – so fundraiser organizers don’t have to worry about distribution or sending packages long distance. Mixed Bag Designs even provides a custom link and email images to send to out-of-town friends and family that will automatically add each order to your fundraiser – it’s a super easy way to support a fundraiser just by shopping online!

3. Get social – We all know that networking is key to fundraising success – you want to put yourself out there as much as possible to as many potential buyers as possible to maximize sales. Nowadays with everyone Facebooking, Tweeting and Instagramming, you’ve never had so many ways to interact with your target group! Take a photo of the product you’re selling or the catalog (we love seeing our fundraisers‘ pictures of our reusable bags pop up in our networks!) and provide a quick comment saying “We’re selling these bags! Check out the catalog and get your orders in by Sept. 30!” The best part about social networking is that you can post updates periodically throughout your fundraiser and you can notify a large group of people all at once. It’s a great way to catch them while they are at their computers or tablets; if your sellers are entering orders, post a quick Twitter update with a link to the order register page and a reminder of their deadlines. That way, they can easily click through and start entering their orders.

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