School Fundraiser Tips: Motivating Parent Volunteers

School Fundraising: Recruiting Parent Volunteers; Mixed Bag Designs

Almost everyone in a school community knows how important school fundraisers are, and yet it can be difficult to get parents motivated and lining up to help with volunteering. Here are a few tips for getting parents of students involved in a great school fundraiser.  

1. Set Goals

Sharing a specified goal for parents establishes a common ground that everyone involved can understand and work from. Parents are less likely to feel overwhelmed if they know exactly what will be expected of them, and what their contribution will entail.

2. Simplify

Many parents may not have experience with school fundraisers, and will be much more likely to get involved if the fundraiser is broken into smaller, measurable tasks and goals. Breaking apart the various jobs gives a potential parent volunteer some knowledge and also provides them the opportunity to ask questions about different tasks they feel challenged by.

3. Establish Leaders

Have a good leader that is available to listen and answer questions. Other parents will feel more relaxed knowing someone is in charge to manage the school fundraising campaign and address questions or concerns.

4. Stay open-minded

When new volunteers are present, some are bound to have ideas and suggestions that seem unusual. Remember that change is often necessary to succeed, and can also help forge a stronger relationship among new and old parent volunteers.

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