Top 5 School Fundraising Tips: How to Ask

School Fundraising Tips: How to Ask

Most parents are familiar with the way product fundraisers work. The challenging part is sometimes asking for support and purchases from friends, family, co-workers, and other community members. Believe it or not, the way you ask for support does matter. There are some things you can do to ensure that you’re as successful as possible when it comes to asking for fundraising support:

1 Consider the Consumer

Knowing your potential customer’s background, financial situation, and what other organizations they may support can help make sure your conversation goes smoothly. If your prospect feels that you have considered him or her as an individual and not just a source of potential income, he/she will be more open to listening and contributing to your cause and fundraiser. The better you know the prospective customer, the more likely they will be to contribute and buy a product. Try to align your organization with your potential customer’s interests; for example, if he or she is interested in clean energy and you’re running a green fundraiser, be sure to emphasize those details.

2 Know your goal

It might seem obvious, but if you or your child has a goal for selling a certain number of products or raising a certain dollar amount, share this with potential prospects. If you can be more specific, and share that you’re hoping to sell 10 products total, this gives prospects an idea of how they can be supportive. Potential buyers want to know exactly what you’re hoping to accomplish and what they should do to help.

3 Practice

To convey more confidence, practice what you want to say ahead of time. Each customer is different, and if you plan what you will say ahead of time, you can cater to each individual and be more prepared when it comes time to ask. Even if it’s just rehearsing in the car for 2 minutes, a confidence boost will translate into better conversation with your prospects.

4 Be energetic

Keep conversations about your cause and organization upbeat and high energy. If you can be excited and passionate about what a difference you can make with your child’s school fundraiser, others will share those positive feelings. You want to be a powerful advocate for whatever your cause may be; explain your vision and what you’re hoping to accomplish, and share what will happen if your fundraiser is a success.

5 Have a back-up plan

Chances are, some of your prospects will turn you down or not be interested. If you can accept this and decide how to politely thank prospects for listening, the experience will be positive and memorable; there is a chance they may say yes in the future or at another time. Don’t take “no” personally, and be as polite as possible to everyone you ask, including those who are unable to contribute.

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