Start a Fall Fundraiser

The holiday season is right around the corner, but it’s not too late to start a green school fundraiser. In fact, October is a great time for product fundraisers, especially those that have products people can purchase to start their holiday shopping early. This October, start an eco-friendly fundraiser with Mixed Bag Designs and have fun with this profitable reusable bag fundraiser!

Top 5 Fundraising Tips: Finishing Your Fundraiser

Even though most of the work is done once your catalog fundraiser orders have been submitted, there are some final steps to finish your school fundraiser and make the most out of the exciting day when orders arrive. The following tips from Mixed Bag Designs will help ensure that your school fundraiser ends smoothly, with good memories and happy customers.

How to Pick the Best School Fundraiser

When picking out the best school fundraiser for your group or organization, take some time to strategize. These tips from the Mixed Bag Designs blog can help you decide how to pick the best fundraiser for your group when there are so many factors to consider, from what products to sell to how to use your group’s resources and volunteers.