How to Pick the Best School Fundraiser

Choosing the Best School Fundraiser: Mixed Bag Designs

When picking out the best school fundraiser for your group or organization, take some time to strategize: there’s more to successful fundraising than just finding the company that offers the biggest profit. It can be tricky to pick out the best fundraiser with so many factors to consider, from what products to sell to how to use your group’s resources and volunteers. For example, organizing a large-scale event fundraiser can be relatively time consuming and require a lot of organization, while product fundraisers usually can be put together fairly easily and be done in a few weeks’ time. With this in mind, you might decide that summer is an ideal time for an event fundraiser, while the school year is the best time for your group to run a catalog fundraiser. It’s always good to start with a plan, because poor planning or running too many school fundraisers can burn out parents and volunteers.

Evaluate your school’s fundraising resources beforehand; different fundraisers require different amounts of time and commitment. Consider what perks and time-saving incentives are offered by the fundraising company you investigate. For example, Mixed Bag Designs fundraisers offer customizable cover letters, promotional materials and ready-made emails to send out during the fundraiser. In the end, these perks can be a big time-saver and allow parents and volunteers to take on other activities. Other time-savers include picking a fundraising company that sorts orders out for each student, making product distribution simple and hassle-free at the end of the fundraising campaign.

Aside from considering the school’s resources, also consider the community and its resources. When choosing a product fundraiser, think what items will be most useful and sought after by community members and parents. Think like a retailer and choose a catalog fundraiser that features variety and high-quality products. These days, parents and schools are also choosing healthy, eco-friendly products more often. Instead of having a cookie dough or chocolate fundraiser, choose a healthy alternative like a reusable bag fundraiser. You want the products to compel customers to support your cause, so they can benefit from the product and aren’t simply donating. With a little investigation and planning, you can be confident with your choices for school fundraising.

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