Top 5 Fundraising Tips: Finishing Your Fundraiser

Top Fundraising Tips: Mixed Bag Designs

Even though most of the work is done once your catalog fundraiser orders have been submitted, there are some final steps to finish your school fundraiser and make the most out of the exciting day when orders arrive. The following tips will help ensure that your school fundraiser ends smoothly, with good memories and happy customers:

1. Prepare for Distribution: Make sure to send out reminder emails to any volunteers or teachers who will be helping the day all the orders arrive, and establish a time and location for distribution. Some schools have an assembly for distribution, while others have volunteers deliver products to students and classrooms individually. Another idea is to have parents pick up orders at the end of the day if they would like.

2. Communicate: Make sure students and teachers are ready for the shipment and know when to expect it. Some students might have larger orders and need to plan ahead to get help from a parent or teacher to pick up their products.

3. Stay Organized: Planning ahead and staying organized are the best ways to keep distribution running smoothly. Planning ahead might be as simple as finding a clear space for orders to be delivered and deciding whether you will want labels or stickers to help organize orders by classroom. Streamline the distribution process as much as possible beforehand.

4. Keep Records: To avoid problems later, try to keep organized records and lists for invoices, packing slips, volunteer lists, or any other information that needs to be cataloged. Since parent groups and volunteers often change, it is important to keep organized records in case someone’s job gets passed down to a new volunteer the next time a school fundraiser is held.

5. Finish Up: Once orders are distributed, inform students and teachers how to report any problems, such as a missing or damaged product. The sooner these problems are dealt with, the easier they are to work out. Enjoy your fundraising success and celebrate when you’re finished!

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  1. I am about to order my second bag, I love my first one, except one big problem…the inside crumbles apart continuously, leaving black particles in my bag and all over my stuff. Has this problem been remedied? Or do I have to except this with my next bag?

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