Happy Thanksgiving!

Mixed Bag Designs wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving! Our team will be celebrating with our loved ones today, but we will be back in the office tomorrow (Friday) to attend to any questions you may have. Remember our Free Shipping offer is still available! Have a happy holiday!

How To Run a Fundraiser: Your Silly Side

Fundraising does not always have to be serious – in fact, many of the best school fundraisers from this past Fall reported that they boosted sales by adding some goofy contests into the fundraiser program. Humor is a fantastic way to connect with kids and adults alike, but most importantly, loosening up and having fun makes people excited to be a part of the program and want to get involved. We often talk about how personal connections are key in setting up profitable fundraisers and being silly and a little goofy is a big part of that.

The Plastic Bag Breakdown

We use tons of plastic, but everyday Mixed Bag Designs tries to lessen the plastic bag waste one reusable bag at a time. In an effort to promote change and raise awareness, we have found that discussing the educational facts help people to rethink their choices. We hope some of these numbers and ideas will help you remember your reusable bags!

Celebrating World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day (celebrated on November 13) highlights good deeds in the community by focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness which binds us. Kindness is a fundamental part of the human condition which bridges the modern divides found in society today.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Her

Mixed Bag Designs offers holiday gift ideas for the ladies that you can shop online at our store. Shop our reusable bags, stylish accessories and so much more! You can get great teacher gifts, small details for co-workers and fun ideas for the whole family! Stock up! Click to start shopping gifts for her