Fundraiser Tips: Promoting Through Word of Mouth

Successful Event Fundraising - Word of Mouth Marketing TipsPlanning a fundraising event for your non-profit? Thinking about posting it on Facebook and letting the social media magic spread the word? According to a recent study, you may want to rethink that strategy. Blue Sky Collaborative, which manages the online registration for Cancer Support Community’s annual Red Ball fundraising event found that a whopping 85% of online registrants were referred to the event by friends, colleagues, board members and other individuals.

Social media sharing is a fantastic way to get the word out about your fundraising event, but it certainly doesn’t match the trust and effectiveness of word-of-mouth. Less than 4% of Red Ball’s registrants cited a Facebook post as their referral source. How does this affect your fundraising marketing strategy? Make sure your attendees, staff and volunteers are buzzing about the upcoming event!

How can you promote word of mouth for your fundraiser? Here are some ideas:

  • Set up a team of volunteers to personally call a contact list to promote the event. Remind them to share the event with friends.
  • Offer a small gift basket or prize to the top referrer – add a spot for registrants to add who referred them to the event, the top referrer then wins a gift basket and recognition at the fundraiser.
  • Send out email reminders and information – and remind people to forward the emails to their friends! Edit the email so the referrer gets credit for every successful email forwarded and provide them a gift at the fundraiser.
  • When a person registers for the event, have a team in place to personally call them and thank them for registering – then remind them to tell their friends and family about the event!

Via Blue Sky Collaborative

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