Successful Middle School Fundraiser Prize Ideas

Middle School Fundraiser Tips - Get Students InvolvedMiddle school truly marks the tricky in between years. The students are not in elementary school anymore yet they’re far from high school interests – they’re just in between. When it comes to fundraising, it’s important to keep this in mind. Middle school kids are too old for many elementary school games or prizes and too young for high school incentives. So how do you get middle school fundraisers up and running successfully? Here are some ideas for boosting participation in your middle school fundraiser.

A prize program still works! Forget the toys and small incentives from your elementary school fundraisers – middle schools are a different story and you might have to think outside the box a bit. Middle school prizes may include a pizza party, a coupon to a local cinema, “no homework” passes, extra credit bonuses, a chance to listen to music during a set time, extra computer time, talk time at the end of class, etc. Be creative and you may be surprised at how well these prize ideas motivate students to sell.

Modify the “Hunger Games” for your school fundraiser. If you want to offer bigger prizes, a class drawing or raffle may be the way to go. Tie it in to the Hunger Games except this time – winning the drawing is a GOOD thing. Any student that brings in an order is automatically entered (the more orders they bring in, the more times their name is entered into the drawing) – make the grand prize something attainable yet desirable for students: gift certificates to local restaurant, movie tickets, cash prize, iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, etc.

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