How To Run a Fundraiser: Your Silly Side

Silly Fundraiser Ideas - Promoting Successful FundraisersFundraising does not always have to be serious – in fact, many of the best school fundraisers from this past Fall reported that they boosted sales by adding some goofy contests into the fundraiser program. Humor is a fantastic way to connect with kids and adults alike, but most importantly, loosening up and having fun makes people excited to be a part of the program and want to get involved. We often talk about how personal connections are key in setting up profitable fundraisers and being silly and a little goofy is a big part of that. Loosen up and put a funny spin on your fundraiser!

Unconventional rewards – We LOVED this unconventional “protection” reward idea from a fundraiser to support breast cancer awareness in  Cranford, NJ that we found via Give It Forward:

With protection, people have to donate to protect themselves from something they don’t want to happen. Scary as it might sound, you can get really creative with the punishments, as exemplified by the many purple toilet campaigns sprouting up around the country to fight cancer. When a purple “Flush Away Cancer” toilet appeared on a neighbor’s front lawn, he or she had to donate $15 to have it removed, $20 to have it placed on someone else’s lawn and $25 to buy “toilet insurance,” ensuring the toilet would no longer appear on his or her lawn.

Get your staff involved – Time and time again we have heard from our profitable school fundraisers that their key to success is involving their teachers and principal in the fundraiser. Whether it’s dressing up in silly costumes, volunteering for a dunk contest or modeling in a reusable bag fashion show, when the teachers get involved, students tend to perk up and get more involved in the fundraiser.

We kept our costs low and offered creative, fun prizes that were inexpensive or free! If the school reached our overall goal, 3 teachers and our principal agreed to dress up and do a dance at the next assembly (which they did and the kids loved it!).

Fun kick-off activities – Kick off your product fundraiser with a party like atmosphere at school using an assembly or school-wide video message. Showcase the prizes heavily – maybe throw some of the toys out into the assembly crowd so kids can see exactly what they can win. The kick-off party is a great time to have people dress up and just be silly – maybe do a short dance or a quick song supporting the school fundraiser. Do you have a school band or choir? Have them perform a mini concert!

Staying creative is key to successful fundraising today. Adding your personality and incorporating your school or organization’s themes into your fundraising program encourages your community to participate. The less cookie-cutter your approach is, you’ll find your fundraiser will have much more positive results!

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