Year End Fundraising Tips for Success

Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser TipsAs we head into the holiday season, many organizations choose to ramp up their fundraising. For some, it can be a great tie-in to the gift-giving spirit so popular around the holidays but in some cases the year-end fundraiser can be a bust. Here are some tips to ensure that your end-of-year fundraiser is a profitable success.

Personalize your fundraiser – A warm, personalized approach will be well-received this time of year so be sure to tell your story and the reasons behind the fundraiser. People like to support tangible causes or an inspirational story and the more you reveal about why you’re running the fundraiser, the more likely people will be to support you. Create a personal connection through your narrative and you’ll be pleased to find that not only will people support your fundraiser, they will be more likely to support you again in the future.

Communication is key – From Black Friday sales to party invitations, email inboxes tend to fill up quickly during the holidays – you don’t want your fundraiser email to fall between the cracks. Try to vary your communication channels by using emails, phone calls and social media updates so your fundraiser appeal has a wider reach. Send a flier home with kids at school but also create a fun email blast with graphics to send out two weeks later as a reminder. Twitter and Facebook are also fantastic ways to reach more people and quickly remind them about supporting your fundraiser.

Use deadlines – Define a clear timeline for supporting your fundraiser and use a countdown to remind and entice people to donate. As the deadline approaches, make your sales pitch more aggressive. Send more emails, text your friends with details on how to support you, post an extra update on Facebook – just get the word out that time is running out! People respond to those “last chance” reminders and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity!

Promote the gifting options – When you run a product fundraiser (let’s say, with super cute reusable bags), you can promote the fundraiser as a chance to buy gifts for a great cause. Take advantage of the holiday gift lists people usually have: teacher gifts, coaches gifts, office gifts and stocking stuffers – and remind people that every time they purchase a gift from you, they are helping a great local cause! Mixed Bag Designs Holiday Gift Guide recommends a few of our favorite things as gift ideas just for this reason!

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